An Open Letter to Sydney Ember, Anti-Healthcare NYT Reporter

People who are happy with the ACA? Who are these people? They’re happy with aspects of the ACA, they’re happy with sections of the law that prohibit dropping insured individuals on the basis of a pre-existing condition. Who are these hordes defending for-profit insurance companies, who are thrilled to pieces with kilometers of red tape and companies taking every opportunity available to them to deny coverage?

I’m a self-employed lighting designer, but I neither make enough to afford health care on the “open market”, nor the “exchanges” that President Obama was so proud of, nor am I so poor as to be covered by Medicaid or my state’s equivalent. My partner is, and is covered by WIC, as are our children, but I’m up the river without a paddle.

If you think that healthcare should be out of reach for a certain section of the population based on their income – too much, too little, or otherwise – you should have the bravery to say you don’t care if poor people die in one of the richest, most powerful nations on the planet.

I value the mission of the NYT, but your coverage of Sanders’ campaign is nakedly negative, and the undertone of sneering dismissal of single-payer healthcare is unbearable. How dare you sit in the lap of healthcare luxury provided to you by your employment and contemptuously shrug off the crisis of a generation. You sophist – you callous, uncaring misanthrope!

Exit, stage left

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