the cast

Pixel: A crazy, scruffy-looking guy who wears pajamas. Lots of interesting views on the world. The only guy I’ve ever met who considers antibacterial soap to be “genocide”. (For the germs, of course.) He was the guy I went on the Route 66 trip with. Theme song: Skullcrusher Mountain”, Jonathan Coulton.

Hope: My sister. What more is there to say?

Timmons: I’m leaving this rather anachronistic one in for clarity. A guy I once upon a time aspired to be like, before realizing he’s not the sort of person anyone should want to be like. He’s really just an unkind, abusive asshole.

Matthew Carver: Large, sarcastic, happy, and loud man. Enjoys good debates, good movies, and slice-n-bake cookies. Husband of Julia, father of Eva and Scarlet. We enjoy teasing each other about sports – he likes them, I don’t.

Julia Carver: Small, sarcastic, happy, and loud. Works as a drug rep, claims that she’s not “an evil drug rep”. Once nearly physically assaulted a delinquent who was trying to lift her purse…three weeks after having a baby. Wife of Matthew.

Eva Carver: Small, happy, hyper, and cute. Carrot-haired, freckle-faced child of Julia and Matt. And left-handed. I consider her and Scarlett my little sisters from another mister. Theme song: “Upside Down”, Jack Johnson

Scarlett Carver: Small, happy, hyper, and crazy. Curly-haired, insane child of Julia and Matt. Gives bone-crushing Tacklehugs®.

Elise Refsland: Adopted little sister. I’ve known her since she was four.

Me: A happy little sound and lighting engineer. Passionate about good sound and good production values. Loves children, incidentally good with them. Hates it when people don’t THINK more than anything. Incredibly annoyed by the politics of the right. Optimistic as hell. Avoids direct conflict. Slightly extremely airheaded. Strong work ethic, annoyed by people who do not share this attribute. Incapable of asking for help. Hates being wrong. Passionate about science, by the same token, passionate about debunking pseudoscience. Extremely good with computers. Likes light, a LOT.