the cast

Pixel: A crazy, scruffy-looking guy who wears pajamas. Lots of interesting views on the world. The only guy I’ve ever met who considers antibacterial soap to be “genocide”. (For the germs, of course.) He was the guy I went on the Route 66 trip with. Theme song: Skullcrusher Mountain”, Jonathan Coulton.

Rachel: my partner in life, love, and everything else. We have five children, but that math gets a little complicated.

(For each year past 2020, add one year to age.)

N8: our sixteen year old. Smart, creative, capable of extreme feats of video game history mental recall. He’d rather have his fingernails pulled out than do his homework, which leads to…friction. And mandatory summer school.

B: our eleven year old. Organizer and household rule lawyer. Occasionally inventive with regard to things we’ve said in order to attempt to bend reality to her will. She’ll make a fine philosopher someday.

Boo: our seven year old. Wears her heart on her sleeve. The SWEETEST girl. She wants everyone to feel loved and happy. Occasionally a space cadet, and very silly. Loves: roughhousing, being silly with Ingrid, making noise. Hates: mushrooms.

Ingrid: our five year old. Imaginative yet serious. She has the bearing and poise of a politician at times. Likes: stuffed animals, dresses, having her hair done. Hates: being cold, things that will take a long time.

Squish: our almost one-year-old. She’s a baby, not much personality to speak of yet.

Hope: My sister. What more is there to say?

Timmons: I’m leaving this rather anachronistic one in for clarity. A guy I once upon a time aspired to be like, before realizing he’s not the sort of person anyone should want to be like. He’s really just an unkind, abusive asshole.

Me: find out about me here.